9.3. Automatic transmission 722.5

Removal and AT installation

AT installation details




1. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
2. Vypressuyte the ball coupling, squeeze a plastic clip nippers and remove a cable of gear shifting (98).
3. Turn off drain traffic jams (2) and (4a) on the converter of rotation and the transmission and merge gearbox oil.
4. Turn off bolts (17) of fastening of a basic plate / converter of rotation.
5. Lift the transmission.
6. Remove a back cross beam (19) of the engine.
7. Remove an arm of system of release (10) and a bracket (11), having turned off nuts (7).
8. Remove a guard (5).
9. Unscrew the forward driveshaft (71) from the transmission.
10. Disconnect an exhaust pipe (60) from a back support.
11. Turn off a shaft of a speedometer (9) or the inductive sensor (85a).
12. Disconnect conducting sockets from electromagnetic valves (Y3/1x1).
13. Disconnect conducting from a lambda probe and weaken a clamp.
14. Disconnect the socket (8) from the switch of blocking of a starter.
15. Remove a clamp (32) and unhook draft of switching.
16. Disconnect the vacuum line (12).
17. Turn off the bolts (13a) forcing and returnable pipelines from a radiator (13).
18. Turn off a tube (15) of an oil filter.
19. Turn off a connection wire on "weight" (27).
20. Unscrew the transmission from the engine and remove it at an angle.
21. Remove the rotation converter.


Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.