9.3.2. Removal and installation of the centrifugal regulator


Details of installation of the centrifugal regulator



1. Lift transmission.
2. Remove a cross beam of the engine (19). Remove an arm (10) of an exhaust pipe and a bracket (11), having turned off nuts (7).
3. Remove a guard (5).
4. Disconnect the forward driveshaft (71) from the transmission.
5. Disconnect an exhaust pipe (60) from a back support.
6. Turn off a shaft of a speedometer (9) or the inductive sensor (85a).
7. Press a cover (46) and remove a lock ring (43) and a sealing ring (48).

8. Turn a flange so that the centrifugal regulator (50) was installed in the situation shown on an illustration.
9. Insert nippers, squeeze a lock ring (43) and remove the regulator (50).



1. Turn the transmission to the right and insert the regulator (50) by means of nippers (072).
2. Insert an ear (shooter) into a flute in the regulator case. Make sure that the lock ring is blocked in a flute. If the regulator is installed correctly, the lock ring can rotate in a flute easily.
3. Check a condition of a sealing ring (48) and if it is necessary, replace it.