9.3.12. Measurement of a gap in B1 brake



1. Insert a radial epiploon (39) into the piston of a brake B1 (37).
2. Implant a finger with laying and a sealing ring into B1 brake piston. The sealing edge has to be located outside.
3. Fix a stripper (026) and tighten it on the transmission, install the measuring device (031).
4. Insert the piston of a brake B1 (37) with one press spring.
5. Tighten the device (026) on a spindle. Make sure that the finger of the piston of a brake of B1 (37) which is established on a brake tape and a radial epiploon (39) are not injured.
6. Insert a lock ring (41), weaken and remove the device (026).

Measurement and adjustment of a gap


1. Tighten the measuring device (031) by hand to resistance.
2. Having put on a key a bolt, screw the measuring device (031) for a bolt, counting speed until the moment in 1 N. Rezba of the measuring device is defined has a step of 1 mm so one turn is equal to a gap in 1 mm.
3. Weaken the device (026) and remove the brake piston if it is necessary.
4. Adjust a gap, having inserted or having removed laying (136) on a finger (38). Thickness of laying: 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mm.
5. Install a cover (40) of the piston of a brake and the second press spring (35) into place in the measuring device, insert a lock ring and unscrew the device (026).