9.3.8. Removal and installation of a back cover of transmission

Details of installation of a back cover of transmission



1. Remove a drain stopper (4a) and merge ATF.
2. Lift the transmission.
3. Remove a cross beam of the engine.
4. Turn off back support of the engine.
5. Remove an arm (10) of system of release and a bracket (11), having turned off nuts (7).
6. Disconnect system of release (60) from back support.
7. Unscrew the forward driveshaft (71) from the transmission.
8. Remove the centrifugal regulator (50).
9. Having turned off a shaft of a speedometer (9) or the inductive sensor (85a).
10. Remove a flange (64).
11. Remove laying (65).
12. Remove the secondary pump (see the Section Removal, service and installation of the secondary pump (AT to No. 3652931)).
13. Turn off a bolt (73).
14. Remove a back cover of the transmission (70). Laying (72) can be established several times if to establish it without sealant.
15. Establish laying (163) on an output shaft.


Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.