9.3.11. Installation and check of a gap in a multidisk brake of B3


Arrangement of disks of a multidisk brake of B3

133b — the Internal disk
133a — the External disk
85 — the Disk spring
10 — B3 brake Piston


Place disks of a multidisk brake B3 in the order shown on сопр. illustrations, also install them separately.



1. Define distance of "a", having established a support (029) on the interfaced surface. By means of a caliper, measure distance from the outer edge before spring laying (85).
2. Define distance of "b", having installed a support (029) on the piston of a multidisk brake (arrow). Measure distance to laying (11). A difference between these distances - a gap of "L".
3. Adjust a gap the "L" thickness of external disks (133b) of a brake. External disks (133b) happen the following thickness of 2.3, 2.8, 3.3 and 3.8 mm.

4. Grease a groove on the leader to a shaft (67). Establish the greased ring (9).