12.5.7. Dismantling and assembly of an internal pipe



1. Turn off a nut (92d) and remove a blocking plate (92e), remove a disk spring (70e) and a persistent ring (70d).

2. Take a steering shaft (70g), a persistent ring (70b) and a lock ring (70c). Two blocking rings are established on models with a contact spiral. Vypressuyte the ball bearing from a pipe, using a steering shaft, also replace it.



1. Press the ball bearing (70a) in an external pipe (81b) against the stop. Insert a steering shaft (70g). Press the second ball bearing (70a).
2. Establish a persistent ring (70b) and a lock ring (70c) together on a steering shaft (70g), be convinced that the lock ring (70c) is blocked in the necessary situation in a groove of a steering shaft.
3. Establish a persistent ring (70d), a disk spring (70e) and a new lock plate (92e) by fixing ears towards a nut, wrap a nut (92d) and tighten it by hand.
4. Check ease of rotation of a steering shaft. The steering shaft should not have an axial beating in a pipe and has to rotate without jammings.