12.5.14. Removal and installation of the pendular lever of the steering drive


Details of installation of the pendular lever


1. Separate from the pendular lever (26) cross steering draft (10).
2. Separate from the pendular lever (26) average draft (11).
3. Remove the thermofilter (26h).
4. Give a nut (26b), take the screw (26a) and remove the pendular lever (26) assembled with a bearing ring (26i).
5. Having hooked the screw-driver sealing sponges, take the plug from a bearing ring.
6. By means of a stripper (061) No. 129 589 00 33 00 take a rubber pillow (26f).



1. Installation is made upside-down. The rubber pillow has to be put against the stop by means of special adaptation (062) No. 201 589 08 43 00.
2. Correctly adjust the landing size and assemblies of the pendular lever with a bearing ring (and = 22.7 mm).
3. Replace all самоконтрящийся fixture.
4. Самоконтрящуюся a nut of fastening of the pendular lever to the bearing tighten 120 Nanometers with effort.

At the correct position of the spherical hinge adjusting situation can vary within at most 5 mm.