12.5.5. Removal and installation of the drive of telescopic adjustment of a steering column



1. Turn off a bolt (84) and take the telescopic drive (M20m1).
2. Remove the blocking device (84b) and take a finger (84a) from an external pipe (81a).
3. Remove the telescopic drive of adjustment (M20m1).



1. Install the telescopic drive (M20m1) on an external pipe (81a) and implant a finger (84a).
2. Fix the blocking device (84b).
3. Using the indicator (22), adjust a pipe gap. For this purpose move the telescopic drive (M20m1) and a bolt (84) to an oblong opening so that the gap was reached. The gap has to be within 0.25 - 0.30 mm.
4. Tighten a bolt (84).