12.5.13. Removal and installation of average steering draft



1. Disconnect the damping shock-absorber (46) from average steering draft (11).
2. Holding an axial bolt, give nuts of fastening of average thirst for a steering bipod and the pendular lever. By means of a mandrel (051) No. 140 589 0063 00 and a stripper (053) No. 140 589 00 33 00 separate draft (11) from a bipod and the lever.



1. Installation is made upside-down. Track reliability of fastening of spherical hinges of the longitudinal lever. Replace самоконтрящийся fixture (drags on with effort of 50 Nanometers). At connection to draft of the damping shock-absorber tighten fixture with effort of 40 Nanometers.
2. Check the angles of installation of forward wheels, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment.