4.6.21. Removal and installation of a bent shaft



1. Remove a GRM drive chain from asterisks of camshafts and an asterisk of a bent shaft.
2. Remove a chain of the drive of the oil pump together with the tension lever, a tension spring and the plug.
3. Turn off a maslootrazhatel in the block of cylinders and remove it.
4. Turn off conrod covers and remove them.
5. Turn off covers of radical bearings and remove them.
6. Remove a bent shaft.



1. Tighten bolts of fastening of radical covers of a bent shaft in the order shown on an illustration.
2. Oil connecting rods motive and establish them with conrod covers. Tighten conrod bolts.
3. Measure an axial side play of rods.
4. Dimensional characteristics of a bent shaft, radical and conrod bearings are provided in Specifications.