4.6.19. Removal and installation of pistons



1. Turn off conrod covers and remove rods together with pistons. Pay attention that rods and conrod covers of one cylinder have identical designation.
2. Check conrod bolts.
3. Remove a lock ring by means of the screw-driver and a vypressuyta a piston finger.
4. Check gaps in locks of piston rings and between rings and flutes of the piston.



1. Grease a piston finger and the plug of a rod.
2. Install the piston so that figures (5) and (6) were directed towards the movement and the pas tag a rod and a cover (9) was turned outside of the engine.
3. Press a piston finger by hand.
4. Insert a lock ring into a groove. Grease openings of cylinders, conrod necks, inserts and pistons with motive oil.
5. Establish a mandrel (1) of piston rings and fill the piston in the cylinder on an arrow or figure on the piston in the direction of the movement.
6. Establish conrod covers.
7. Turn a bent shaft and check ease of rotation.