4.6.10. Replacement of a chain of the GRM drive

See also Section GRM Drive - the general information, service of components

Replacement of a chain of the GRM drive


A — Rassoyedineny chains of the GRM drive
In — Zaklepyvany chains of the GRM drive by means of a connecting link
6 — Thickness of an intermediate plate 7a = 1.6 mm, thickness of an external plate 8b = 1.2 mm


1. Remove the top covers (30) and (30a).
2. Remove a natyazhitel of a chain of the GRM drive.
3. Remove spark plugs.
4. Disunite a GRM drive chain.
5. Cover GRM cover with fabric.

Rassoyedineny chains


1. Screw a persistent spindle (02) together with a persistent finger (02a) in adaptation (03).
2. Install adaptation (03) on a chain.
3. Roll a persistent spindle (02) until the persistent finger (02a) does not rest against a chain finger.
4. Screw a persistent spindle (02) and a vypressuyta a chain finger.
5. Turn off a persistent spindle (02) and remove adaptation (03). Take a finger from adaptation (03).

Assembly of a chain


1. Attach a new chain (5) to old (4) by means of the connecting link consisting of the lock (6), a plate (7), an intermediate plate and a cover (8).

2. Turn a bent shaft in the direction of rotation of the engine by means of a key. Hold a chain (5) with a hand on an asterisk of the right final camshaft (9) and take the lower end of a chain (4) outside from a GRM drive chain cover.
3. Continue to rotate a bent shaft of the engine until there is an opportunity to connect both ends of a new chain a connecting link.
4. Disconnect an old chain and remove a connecting link.
5. Connect a new chain a connecting link and an intermediate plate (thickness of 1.6 mm).
6. Install a persistent detail by wit (F1) in the rivet tool and screw a bolt (28).
7. Install a persistent detail by wit (D5) in the rivet tool.
8. Insert an external plate (11) (thickness of 1.2 mm) into a persistent detail (D5).
9. Establish cores (shooters) on fingers of a connecting link. Screw a spindle (06) to full resistance. At a vvorachivaniye be convinced that fingers of a connecting link correctly entered an opening in a plate.
10. Establish a persistent detail by wit (D5).
11. Install the rivet tool in the middle of a plate.
12. Tighten a spindle (06). Moment of tightening of 30-35 Nanometers.

Fingers of a connecting link zaklepyvatsya separately.

13. Check quality of a zaklepyvaniye, in case of need repeat process.