4.5.7. Check of phases of gas distribution

See also Section GRM Drive - the general information, service of components.

Check of phases of gas distribution

01 — the Digital device
02 — the Clamp
03 — the Probe
04 — the Carving plug



1. Check codes of camshafts. The code of the camshaft is beaten out on a neck of the 3rd bearing and on a camshaft flange.
2. Establish a cam of the cylinder 1 or 6 by a working ledge up so that he did not press the hydrocompensator.
3. Establish a clamp (02) by the carving plug (04) on a contact surface of a head of the block of cylinders of the checked camshaft.
4. Install the digital device (01) with the probe (03) (80 mm) on a clamp (02) on the left side of the checked camshaft. Install the probe with a preliminary tightness of 3 mm and at an angle 90 ° to the hydrocompensator.
5. Rotate a bent shaft by means of a key in the direction of rotation until the digital device does not show raising of the valve on 2 mm. In this situation check a phase of opening of the checked valve on a pulley of a bent shaft and compare to data in the table given below.