4.5.15. Removal and installation of pistons



1. Turn off conrod covers and remove pistons together with rods.
2. Check bolts of fastening of conrod covers.
3. By means of the screw-driver remove a lock ring and a vypressuyta a piston finger.



1. If the piston is damaged, check a gap and an axial beating of piston rings.
2. Oil a piston finger and plugs of rods.
3. Install the piston so that the arrow was directed in the direction of the movement and blocking grooves (shooters) of a rod settled down outside.
4. Press a piston finger in the piston by hand.
5. Insert a lock ring into a flute.
6. Establish a tape for a staving of piston rings, and insert the piston into the cylinder shooters in the direction of the movement.
7. Establish conrod covers on rods on designations on them.
8. Turn a bent shaft and check ease of rotation.

Technical parameters

Piston gap
0.004-0.026 mm
Difference between the mass of the piston of each cylinder
8 g
Length of a piston finger
24.000 mm
Gap of landing of a piston finger in the piston
0.004-0.008 mm