4.7.9. Replacement of a chain of the GRM drive

See also Section GRM Drive - the general information, service of components

Replacement of a chain of the GRM drive

1 — Natyazhitel of a GRM drive chain
2 — the Old chain
3 — the New chain
4 — the Connecting link



1. Remove a natyazhitel of a chain of the GRM (1) drive.
2. Remove the fan coupling.
3. Uncover a head of the block of cylinders.
4. Attach a clamp (01) on a head of the block of cylinders bolts.
5. Cover the chain case from above with pure fabric.
6. Screw a persistent spindle (02) together and a persistent finger (02a) in a press (03).
7. Establish a press (03) on a GRM drive chain.
8. Roll a persistent spindle (02) until the persistent finger does not leave from the opposite side of a connecting link.
9. Vypressuyte a persistent finger (02a) from a chain by a vvorachivaniye of a persistent spindle.
10. Turn off a persistent spindle (02) and remove a press (03).
11. Take a finger (1) from a press (03).
12. Attach a new chain (5) to old appreciate (4) by means of a connecting link (04) and fix them.
13. Rotate a bent shaft in the direction of rotation and stretch a new chain (5).
14. Remove a connecting link (04) and remove an old chain (4).
15. Insert the central plate (2) into a chain and record it by means of a link (05).
16. Insert an insert (F5) and (D9) into a press (06).
17. Insert a connecting link (3) into a new chain.
18. Establish a press on a chain. Rotate a spindle and press a connecting link (3) against the stop.
19. Remove a press.  
20. Establish an insert (D8) and (F1) in a press (06).
21. Establish an external plate in a press (magnetic fixing).
22. Press an external plate.
23. Turn an insert (D8).
24. Press fingers of a connecting link individually.
25. Check a press fitting (arrows) and if it is necessary, make it once again.