4.7.12. Removal and installation of pistons


Details of installation of the piston


1. Remove the engine.
2. Remove a head of the block of cylinders.
3. Remove the pallet.
4. Remove the oil pump.
5. Turn off conrod covers (1).
6. Lift a rod (2) together with the piston (4) up. If the piston is damaged, the shooter, specifying the direction of the movement can be invisible because of a deposit. Therefore it is necessary to remove a deposit.
7. By means of the screw-driver to a vypressuyta a lock ring (5) of a piston finger (6) also remove the piston (4).



1. Check internal diameters of heads of a rod.
2. Oil a piston finger (4) plugs of the top head of a rod.
3. Combine the piston (4) and a rod (2).
4. Press a piston finger (6) by hand.
5. Insert a lock ring (5) of a piston finger into a groove (shooter) in the piston.
6. Oil openings of cylinders, conrod necks, inserts and pistons (4).
7. Establish a tension tape (7) for piston rings.
8. Install the piston (4) by an arrow in the direction of the movement.
9. Check conrod bolts.
10. Establish conrod covers (1) and tighten bolts.
11. Turn a bent shaft and check gaps.
12. Install the oil pump.
13. Install the pallet.
14. Measure a piston vystupaniye. Establish laying of nominal thickness or laying of repair thickness depending on a piston vystupaniye.
15. Vystupaniye of the piston:
   On the new block of cylinders — 0.74-0.96 mm
   On the polished block of cylinders — 0.96-1.16 mm
16. Establish a head of the block of cylinders.
17. Install the engine.