4.7.13. Check of a state and replacement of rods

Check of rods

1 — the Rod
2 — the Conrod cover
3 — the Plug
4 — the Directing grooves
5 — the Conrod bolt
6 — Balancing small weights
7 — the Identification field (models with a turbo-supercharging)
8 — Grooves for installation of inserts
9 — the Oil channel (models with a turbo-supercharging)

10 — the Oil channel (models without turbo-supercharging)
11 — the Identification field (models without turbo-supercharging)
b — Width of the top head of a rod
B — Width of the lower head of a rod
d — the Internal diameter of the plug of the top head of a rod
d1 — the Outer diameter of the plug of the top head of a rod
D1 — Diameter of an opening of the lower head of a rod
L — distance between centers openings of heads of a rod


1. Remove pistons (see the Section Removal and installation of pistons).
2. Check rods for decolouration, a distortion of openings and dredging. At detection of these damages rods need to be replaced.
3. Check bolts of fastening of conrod covers.
4. Measure diameter of an opening of a rod. If diameter is more than maximum admissible, grind off a contact surface of a cover no more than on 0:02 mm.
5. Check the internal diameter of the plug of a rod.
6. Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal. The sizes of rods are specified in Specifications.