13:15. Removal and installation of the central console

Details of installation of the central console

1 — Knot of management
2 — the Insert
3 — the Cable for opening of the back deflector
4, 5, 7 — Bolts

6 — the Cover
9 — the Central console
10 — the Plastic clamp
11 — the Metal clamp



1. Turn off bolts of fastening of knot of adjustment. Disconnect the socket of conducting and remove knot of management.
2. Remove an insert (2) and turn off bolts (4).
3. Unhook a cable (3) controls of the back deflector.
4. Remove a case covering.
5. Turn off 8-millimeter bolts.
6. Move front seats forward. Uncover left and right on the tunnel.
7. Turn off bolts on both sides of the tunnel.
8. Lift the console behind, move forward and remove it.


Installation is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.