8.5.5. Replacement of the RKPP ball bearings with No. 6141001


Replacement of ball bearings of the transmission with No. 6141001

1a — the Ball bearing of the leading shaft
1b, 43 and 127 — Lock rings
2 — the Leading shaft
20 — the Conducted shaft
40 — the Intermediate shaft

43a — the Back ball bearing of the conducted shaft
43c — the Back ball bearing of an intermediate shaft
43d — the External holder of the bearing
49 — the Intermediate plate
128 — the Forward ball bearing of an intermediate shaft


1. Remove the ball bearing (1a) from the leading shaft.
2. Remove a lock ring (43b), a vypressuyta the ball bearing (43a).

3. Remove the roller bearing (43s) and an external holder of the bearing (43d).
4. Remove a lock ring (127) and the ball bearing (128) of an intermediate shaft.
5. Measure distance between the synchronizer of the 3/4th of transfers and a contact surface of an intermediate case (see the Section Removal and installation of leaders and the conducted gear wheels).


Assembly is carried out as it should be, the return to removal.