3.15. Visual check of tightness of automatic transmission

Oil in AT is not required to be changed during all term of operation.

The following is among the most probable places of development of leakages of ATF:
  • Plane of a joint of the block of cylinders and AT (back epiploon of the crankshaft).
  • The place of connection of a power shaft to the transmission.
  • Drain stopper.
  • Jellied stopper.

    1. Clear AT case.
    2. Sprinkle possible places of leaks with a thin layer of chalk or talc.
    3. Make a trial trip on distance about 30 kilometers.
    4. Lift the car on the elevator or over a viewing hole and determine the place of leak of oil by smudges of oil.
    5. Eliminate leak and fill in oil in the transmission.