6.6.1. Removal and installation of the fuel pump of high pressure (FPHP)



1. Weaken the central bolt (19) and turn off it, having held a bent shaft.
2. Bring the engine into situation 15 ° after VMT of the piston of the first cylinder.
3. Remove a natyazhitel of a chain by means of a key (156).
4. Disconnect the forcing fuel-supply lines.
5. Disconnect vacuum tubes from vacuum knot and the vacuum valve. Disconnect the 2-contact socket from the drive (Y22) of electronic control by idling.
6. Disconnect an electrical wiring from the sensor of provision of a lath (L7) and from the drive (Y22).
7. Disconnect the forcing tube from the ALDA hub.
8. Disconnect draft of an accelerator of t of a lath and spring.
9. Disconnect the vacuum control valve.
10. Turn off bolts (shooter). Remove TNVD back, fix the regulator of the moment of injection of fuel on the place.
11. Remove the fuel thermostat and turn off bolts.
12. Check correctness of installation of the piston of the 1st cylinder in situation 15 ° after VMT.
13. Turn off a stopper (11).
14. By means of a key (027) turn TNVD shaft so that in an opening the ear of the distributor was visible and push a blocking bolt (023) against the stop.



1. Remove a blocking bolt (023) after the TNVD installation.
2. Install all removed elements on the engine.
3. Check the beginning of injection of fuel and if it is necessary, adjust it.
4. Install the vacuum valve and adjust it.