6.1.1. Security measures and rules of respect for purity during the work with fuel system

During the work with fuel system it is necessary to observe the following security measures and purity:

  • Do not use naked flame near a workplace, you do not smoke and you do not hold any strongly warmed objects. There is a danger of accident! You keep in readiness the fire extinguisher;
  • You monitor normal ventilation of a workplace. Fuel vapors are poisonous;
  • The fuel system is under pressure. When opening system fuel can escape under pressure. Collect fuel by a rag. Use goggles;
  • During the work with components of a power supply system of the diesel engine observe special precautionary measures. In special degree it belongs to nozzles. Keep in mind that fuel pressure at an exit makes about 1100 atmospheres of nozzles. Do not allow hit of any parts of a body under a fuel stream;
  • Hose connections fasten by means of tape or tightening collars. Tightening collars need to be replaced with tape collars or collars of the last design surely. For installation of tape collars there is special adaptation, for example HAZET 796-5;
  • Carefully clear connections and the places adjoining to them before opening;
  • Stack the removed details on a pure lining and close. Apply for this purpose polyethylene or paper. Do not apply for this purpose ворсящуюся rags;
  • Carefully close open details or put technological caps if repair lasts some time;
  • Establish into place only pure details. Take out spare parts from packing only just before installation. Do not apply details which were stored unpacked (for example, stored in a toolbox);
  • At open fuel system whenever possible do not work with compressed air. Whenever possible do not move at the same time the car;
  • Do not apply the sealants containing silicone. The silicone elements which got to the engine in the engine do not burn down and damage the oxygen sensor.
  • Security measures at removal of the fuel tank:

  • Before removal of a tank merge from it fuel or pump out fuel the pump which is specially provided for this purpose;
  • The fuel tank is removed from the lower party of the car. Before a detachment of collars of fastening of a tank bring to it from below a jack and linings;
  • The empty tank is explosive and cannot be utilized in such look. Before utilization the tank has to be cut on a part. You watch that at the same time there was no spark. For this purpose hand over the fuel tank in the specialized enterprise;
  • After installation of a tank into place start the engine and check tightness of all connections.