2.6.6. Amplifier of emergency brake application (BAS)

The amplifier of emergency brake application is not capable to prevent risk of loss of coupling of wheels with a paving at drifts on turns and hydroplaning.

BAS promotes reduction of a brake way at emergency braking of the car, and also provides completeness of return of the ABS, ASR and ESP systems.

By very bystry pressing a pedal of a foot brake the maximum strengthening of the brake drive is provided. If there is a need for further braking of the car, do not weaken effort of pressing a pedal. At an otpuskaniye of a pedal of a foot brake of BAS it is disconnected automatically.

At power failure of onboard food lower than 10 V occur shutdown of the BAS amplifier, - on the dashboard the corresponding control lamp lights up (for the BAS, ASR and ESP systems the general control lamp - see the Section Combination of Devices, measuring instruments and control lamps and light indicators is used. Increase in level of tension automatically normalizes a situation.